Bricks #1
One of the biggest bricks factory in Ukraine
Consulting tasks
1. Develop a model that will help the customer sell off low-liquid inventories
2. Develop a fixed cost optimization model
3. Develop a sales model that will ensure 100% utilization of the production line
4. Induction, coaching and support of a new production director
5. Participation in the formation of the board
6. Development and implementation of a personnel development program
7. Digitalization of processes within the company, 8. Implementation of an internal control and management system for projects and tasks
8. Supervising the development and participation in the preparation and approval of the annual budget based on the sales plan and expense plan
9. Conducting marketing market analysis
10. Development and implementation of a marketing strategy
11. Development and launch of a new website
12. Launching digital promotion to increase sales and increase rankings in organic search in search engines
Based on the results of marketing analysis
  • Implemented CRM to interact with customers
  • The company was included in the TOP3 list in organic search in search engines
  • The number of requests for products via social networks increased from 0 to more than 30 per day
  • After 6 months, 80% of illiquid inventory was sold out
  • The production range was changed and a sales strategy was formed
As a result, the production line became 100% loaded
Due to the increase in liquidity, the owners achieved the opportunity to invest in the modernization of the plant
The owners came to the decision on the need to expand the business to meet increased customer demand in connection with the release of a new range
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