What kind of ecology will we leave to future generations?
Today it is known that 85% of the world's population suffers from various types of allergies. The number of cancer cases has also increased significantly. All of this is partly due to the use of artificial ingredients in everyday life:
• In cosmetics,
• In detergents,
• In food preservers.
4 examples of useless or harmful products:
A fairly large number of well-known mass market cosmetic manufacturers use microplastics in their products to make the effect of applying the product on the skin softer and smoother.
But fact:
a. This effect is purely tactile and does not benefit the skin or body
b. In addition, microplastics pollute the environment.
Not only does this create problems for flora and fauna, which will in turn create problems for future generations of living things on the planet, but it also harms us. Because these microplastics end up in the water, the air and the products we eat (fish, seafood, sea salt, etc.).
Petroleum products, used as preservatives in cosmetics because they do not irritate the skin, are cheap, tasteless and odorless, and do not cause the products to spoil. Experts say they accumulate in the body, disrupting hormonal balance and increasing the risk of breast cancer.
Synthetic fragrances
Fragrances are used to give a cosmetic product a pleasant aroma or, conversely, to mask the unpleasant smell of active ingredients (not all of them smell like roses). However, not all of them are good for the skin. Most of these flavors can cause an allergic reaction and inflammation and can have more serious consequences with long-term use.
Animal testing
A separate topic of environmental pollution is animal testing of cosmetics or detergents. Which is extremely inhumane and outrageous. Because during the tests, animals are tortured and very often die.
*Сompanies that officially test their products on animals.
We want to change this!
  • Sustainability
    Research shows that the cosmetics market has changed significantly in recent years, as leading countries have chosen a strategy based on sustainability in production and consumption and people have become more responsible about what they buy and use.
    These impacts have been particularly felt by the younger generation, who have become more attentive to their health and the environment and have paid much more attention to analyzing the ingredients in the products they buy.
    As people understood the useful and harmful properties of certain ingredients, they began to want to follow the trends in cosmetics for facial, body and hair care when purchasing household and food detergents, which gives them the opportunity to understand, which ingredients in the product are useful and which are useless or harmful.
  • Our mission
    We help people gain access to high quality, eco-friendly, environmentally and animal friendly, affordable cosmetics and home care products.
  • Our motto
    We improve the quality of life by selecting sustainable, natural and environmentally friendly products that make people healthier and do no harm to the planet and animals!
Why we are?
Because we have experience and passion!
Sergii Malovichko - CEO
• Over 22 years of sales experience.
• 10 years as CEO of medium-sized companies (200+ employees).
• 15 years of experience in product placement on the market.
• 15 years of experience in developing market strategies.
• Experience in opening international offices.
• One of the TOP 10 best TOP managers in Ukraine.
• Business coach and business trainer.
• Strategic planner and negotiation specialist at the highest level.

Nataliia Babynina - Business Development Director
• Over 16 years of experience in the distribution of cosmetics for hair, make-up, cosmetics, nails, eyelashes and eyebrows.
• High-level expert on the European and Ukrainian markets for cosmetic products, production and distribution channels.
• Negotiation specialist at the highest level.
• Beauty industry expert and blogger.
• Image designer and make-up artist.
• Team leader.
• She is deeply passionate about her work.
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