17 floors business center
Role - CEO's councelor
Consulting tasks
  • Control and optimization of financial indicators of business projects
  • Development and implementation of a project for the construction of IT infrastructure of the LUWR Business Center
  • Construction controller
  • Searching, establishing relationships with suppliers and organizing the supply of IT equipment
  • Organization and implementation of a training program for management employees of a group of companies
Construction of 4 conference rooms with video conferencing systems
Based on Logitech solution
Construction of IT infrastructure according to REGUS standards
That made possible to sign a long-term lease agreement for 9 floors of the business center
Construction of 2 server rooms
With implementation of standards for protection, air conditioning and fire extinguishing.
Based on equipment from Cisco Systems and Aruba by HP
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Schöne Aussicht, 6
69436 Schönbrunn
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