selecting sustainable, natural and environmentally friendly products that make people healthier and do not harm the planet and animals!
We help people gain access to high-quality, natural, eco-friendly, animal-friendly, affordable cosmetics and detergents
For manufacturers:
We are like highly qualified export manager,
who solve the tasks of finding and supporting big customers.

Our idea aims to ensure that truly high-quality and remarkable products from manufacturers who make cool quality products, but are not strong in sales and market promotion of their products, become popular and gain access to customers!
We help to build partnerships and support our customers in achieving high sales targets quickly.
We believe that the most important aspects of a partnership are:
• High business ethics
• Solvency
• Interested in developing new business directions and product categories
• Active interaction with customers
Our responsibility/services to manufacturers are:
• Development of the marketing positioning,
• Localization of product descriptions according to market requirements,
• Development of pricing and control over prices in the market,
• Development and implementation of promotional programs,
• Sales control,
• Control of product balances in warehouses,
• Control of presentation on store shelves,
• create orders,
• Control of punctual payments,
• Constant control of the range according to market trends,
• Quick resolution of emerging problems.
For purchasing managers
For large sellers (store chains, large online platforms) we eliminate the risk of working with dishonest/unreliable suppliers. And we provide access to actual and in-demand products.
Our contacts
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